MCTS honors 1 of its drivers who helped a homeless man get food, housing

MILWAUKEE -- A bus driver for Milwaukee County Transit System was honored on Wednesday morning, Nov. 14 for helping a homeless man get food and housing.

Natalie Barnes

Natalie Barnes was driving on a recent cold night when Richard, a rider she met before, came up to her at her layover. Richard told Barnes the home he was living in had been condemned -- and he had been out on the streets for a week.

Barnes offered to buy Richard food and let him stay warm on the bus. At her next layover, Barnes offered food to Richard -- and he accepted.

Natalie Barnes, Richard

At her next break, Barnes connected Richard to an emergency shelter -- and offered to shop for him. Richard is now in a safe place and working with an agency to get permanent housing.

Barnes has been driving with MCTS for about two years.