McKinley Beach closed for the season; leaders call for lifeguards after 3 drownings

The parks department closed swimming at McKinley Marina due to a "riptide hazard."

Meanwhile, one Milwaukee County supervisor wants to see change so no more lives are lost. 

"Water is part of Milwaukee's culture and it's our society. But it also can kill people," Sheldon Wasserman said.

Sheldon Wasserman

A sad reality at Milwaukee's McKinley Beach:

"It's relaxing, it’s really nice out and the sun feels really good today," Adalynne Norman said.

This place of peace has recently become one of pain. 

"It’s dangerous. We’ve lost three lives at this beach. No more. This has to end," Wasserman said.

The call for change coming from Milwaukee County Supervisor Sheldon Wasserman. He's pushing for lifeguards to monitor McKinley and other beaches next summer:

"Next year, we have to have lifeguards at the beach at Bradford, we need to have lifeguards here," he said.

The rough waters have claimed several lives this summer. The most recent, last weekend when 50-year-old James Brock died while trying to save two teens. 14-year-old Tony Bishop also died. 

"This beach can't be known for its death. It should be known for life," Wasserman said.

The County Parks Department has closed swimming at McKinley Beach, citing a riptide hazard. 

Wasserman says he's working with the parks department, hoping to study why the waters here have been so deadly.

"I think we have to look at this from a scientific point of view. What makes McKinley so dangerous? Let's figure this out. If we have to readjust or redo the beach, we have to. Let's put the money forward. 

There are signs posted letting people know about the swimming closure and the parks department plans to put up more. 

Milwaukee's McKinley Beach, location of multiple drownings this summer, closed for rest of season

The Milwaukee County Parks Department on Wednesday announced that McKinley Beach will be closed for the rest of the season due to riptide hazards. Three people have drowned in the area just this summer.

Medical examiner identifies good Samaritan, teen who died after being pulled from water at McKinley Beach

Sheriff's officials said the boys entered the water, and one began to struggle, and when the second boy came to assist, both became caught in a current. That's when the good Samaritan went in.