Mayor Barrett to request federal funds, put funding in his budget to tear down, renovate blighted homes

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says the effort to tear down or renovate blighted homes in Milwaukee, announced Friday, August 26th may not start for months.

Governor Scott Walker announced on Fridaythat nearly $5 million has been pooled together from different state agencies, which will be invested in Milwaukee. The $4.5 million investment will have two key purposes: help people in the central city find jobs and to address neighborhoods where vacant properties are a big problem.

The state is providing $2 million for the effort.

Barrett said the city is seeking federal money, and he plans to include money in his budget for this effort. Because the total amount of funding isn't known, Barrett isn't sure how many homes the city can address.

"In my budget, you`ll see dollars in there for this in my budget, and we`re hoping to get additional dollars from the federal government. So it`ll going to certainly be more than 80 homes," Barrett said.

FOX6 News is told there are about 400 condemned properties citywide.