Master Lock worker gets to introduce President Obama

MILWAUKEE -- Master Lock worker DiAndre Jackson was given a special opportunity on Wednesday. He took the presidential podium, warmed up the crowd at Master Lock, and then introduced President Barack Obama.

Jackson, who is 26 years old, was born and raised in Milwaukee. He told the crowd he's worked at Master Lock just under five years. He now works in the combination department and is working towards an electrical apprenticeship. Jackson is taking classes at Milwaukee Area Technical College for that. "It's an honor to work at Master Lock, where we build the best products in the world, and it's an honor to have President Obama here at Master lock today to discuss the importance of keeping jobs right here in the United States," Jackson said during his remarks Wednesday afternoon.

Jackson told the crowd, he guarantees you "won't find a stronger lock anywhere else." He says Master Lock is leading the country by example, by bringing jobs back to the United States of America.

Jackson said behind the scenes, he exchanged some private words with President Obama. "Actually behind stage, that's when I calmed down. He's so relaxed, and so he came around the corner and said 'how you doing DiAndre? I hear you're going to school for electrician,'" Jackson said.

Jackson says he was chosen to make the introduction because he works hard and takes advantage of opportunities to move up in the company. What meant a lot to him Wednesday was having his mother and seven-year-old son at Master Lock as well. He says it's a moment that made him extremely proud.