Mary Burke speaks with media for the first time since the election; will she run for another office?

MADISON (AP) — Democrat Mary Burke says she definitely will not run for U.S. Senate in two years or any other statewide office after she was defeated in the governor's race against Republican Governor Scott Walker.

Burke spoke with reporters Monday, November 10th for the first time since losing to Walker by nearly six points.

"We started from scratch and were able to build up a great organization and make this really competitive and the fact is incumbent governors win 80% of the time, so it was certainly a big challenge but it was a very competitive race," Burke said.

Burke says she doesn't regret spending $5 million of her own money on the failed campaign, saying she knew going it she would have to do that in order to be competitive with Walker.

Burke is up for re-election to the Madison school board in April. She says she's probably going to seek a second term on the board, but she's not looking to remain a big player in Democratic Party politics statewide going forward.