Marquette University opens Next Step Clinic to address Milwaukee mental health needs

MILWAUKEE -- Next Step Clinic — the winner of Marquette University’s first-ever “President’s Challenge” — is now open.

The clinic, housed alongside Next Door Foundation Inc., and operating as a satellite of Mental Health America of Wisconsin, is meant to address the mental health and developmental needs of Milwaukee’s underserved children and families.

This year, the clinic will roll out family navigation and developmental assessment services; trauma-focused therapies for children and families will begin in 2020.

According to a press release, Next Step Clinic was declared the winner of the inaugural challenge in January. Selected for its tailored approach to provide mental health resources, the clinic focuses on children and families afflicted with psychological trauma and mental health disorders that often manifest from violence, addiction, abuse, and other high-stress situations. A family advisory panel steers the mission and structure of services provided in the clinic.

“With assistance from faculty, students, area universities, and community partners, as well as churches and other organizations, Next Step Clinic will forge a strong pathway into the lives of those in need of its services and break the generational cycle of lack of access to needed care,” Van Hecke said. “The clinic sends a message to Marquette’s surrounding communities that we are here to listen, understand and take action on these areas for improvement, and we are here to partner with you on your journey towards resilience.”