Marquette University helps Foxconn fill its "talent pipeline" with job fair

MILWAUKEE -- Now that Foxconn is coming to Wisconsin, the Taiwanese electronics company is looking to hire thousands of people.

Brian Dorrington, Marquette University spokesperson

In order to collect billions of dollars in tax incentives, the flat panel screen manufacturer will need to deliver a lot of jobs -- in the neighborhood of 13,000.

"We really feel like this is the beginning of helping Foxconn fill their talent pipeline," said Brian Dorrington, Marquette University spokesperson.

College freshman Fhernam Batiz studies mechanical engineering. He was caught up in the glow of Foxconn's job fair at Marquette University on Monday, October 9th.

Foxconn job fair at Marquette University

"I'm just curious. I'm just here. I just wanted to know what they were going to show and I am really impressed," Batiz said.

Dozens of college students walked through Foxconn's display of ultra high-definition screens, interested in what kind of careers the electronics company will offer.

Foxconn job fair at Marquette University

"I would definitely be more interested in the actual building of the materials -- so kind of like from an engineer's perspective," said Howard Norrish, Marquette University sophomore.

Foxconn job fair at Marquette University

Company handouts listed jobs like lab technician, electrical product and quality engineers.

"I'm a computer engineering major. In my freshman GE class which is general engineering, they told us to come down and check it out," said Jenna Klobucar, Marquette University sophomore.

For most students, Monday's job fair was really their introduction to a company which may be ready to hire them by the time they graduate.

Foxconn job fair at Marquette University