Marquette University cancels classes Mon. evening and Tuesday

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- While many students got to enjoy a day off on Monday, January 27th, Milwaukee's college students still had to bundle up and head to class. They weren't too happy about it, but they got some good news for Tuesday!

As of 4:30 Monday afternoon, Marquette University canceled its evening classes for Monday in response to the severe weather outside.

There will also be no daytime classes on Tuesday.

Students seem pretty happy about it -- but it was tough tracking them down to talk about it in the bitter cold!

On the Marquette University campus, FOX6's news crew was rushed past time and time again by students racing to escape the cold. Eventually, the crew found some students wearing enough layers to stop and talk for a few minutes.

"It's not that bad. People are complaining -- but just dress warm," Kelly Schneider said.

For Schneider, a junior at Marquette, that meant three layers and ski goggles.

"I am doing a lot of walking. A lot of people are walking to class. Some people have to walk pretty far," Schneider said.

All that walking is likely a big reason why Marquette University cancelled evening classes and daytime classes on Tuesday.

"I’m definitely gonna take the opportunity and kinda take a mental health day," Jennifer Abing said.

"It’s kinda nice, nice little break. I was kinda bummed that we didn’t have off (Monday), but we’ll take what we can get," Courtney Thomas said.

"I haven’t been in too much pain -- but the wind is definitely the killer for sure. My ears are a little chilly. I got some hand warmers," Daniel Redd said.

Academic buildings at Marquette will close Tuesday, but some that offer student services will stay open.

"I’m definitely staying in my dorm," Kera Johnson.

Most of the students say they'll have no trouble filling the free time.

Evening classes will resume at Marquette Tuesday night -- and the same goes for UWM.

As of 10 p.m. Monday, MSOE will be open Tuesday.

As for Marquette -- there are no "makeup days," like there would be within a public high school or grade school where there are state requirements that must be met.

Instead, a Marquette spokesperson says it is up to each professor to ensure students complete the work outlined for the semester.