Marquette students collect items for Baby Box Project: 'Important in helping our moms'

MILWAUKEE -- For years, city leaders and those with private organizations have worked to decrease Milwaukee's infant mortality rate, including Marquette University students.

As shoppers headed to the grocery store on Sunday morning, Feb. 16, they were asked to make a pit stop in the baby aisle.

"We are asking these shoppers to grab a pack of diapers off the shelves, and bring them to us," said Kaela Beugnet, president of Marquette For Life.

Customers' donations would benefit the Baby Box Project.

"We are packing up these boxes full of baby items, and they will be donated to four local Milwaukee pregnancy centers," said Beugnet.

Beugnet said in 2019, the first year of this effort, volunteers created 300 baby boxes that made a huge difference for Milwaukee families.

"Between the 31 women a day that we serve between our two centers, many of them are financially stressed, and resources like the Baby Box Project and the diapers we collect today are really important in helping our moms," said Sarah Campbell, marketing director of the Women's Care Center.

"Diapers, they have wipes, bibs, washcloths, a toy, socks, all sorts of little things for babies," said Beugnet.

The simple gesture, combined with awareness events like the Strong Baby Sabbath and faith-based sanctuaries show new mothers the community cares.

"It's our responsibility to be there as a community," said Campbell.

"There is nothing more empowering than helping a woman be able to provide for her child, and walk with her in being a mother," said Beugnet.

Donations can be made until Feb. 18 by CLICKING HERE. The items will be packed on Feb. 22 and delivered to the Women's Care Center locations.