Marquette Law School poll: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump, 42% to 35%

MILWAUKEE -- A new Marquette University Law School poll was released on Wednesday afternoon, June 15th.

The new poll puts the presidential race in Wisconsin at 42% for Hillary Clinton and 35% for Donald Trump -- among registered voters. In the last MU Law School poll in March, Clinton led 47% to 37%.

Among likely voters in this latest poll, Clinton leads 46% to Trump's 37% with 13% saying they would not support either of the candidates.

"What we're seeing at the moment is some decline in Republican certainty of voting and a little bit of an increase on the Democratic side and that goes to the questions of the parties as divided and whether they can unite before the conventions and after the conventions," said Charles Franklin, poll director.

"There's a question of will Sanders throw his full support behind her, when will that happen and if it doesn't happen what are the consequences for the party?" Franklin said.

In the U.S. Senate race, the new Marquette poll finds Democratic challenger Russ Feingold with 45% support and Republican Sen. Ron Johnson with 41% support among registered voters. In March, Feingold lead 47% to 42% among that same group.

Among likely voters, Feingold has 51% support to Johnson's 42%. Two percent support neither candidate -- and five percent remain undecided.

In this latest poll. 78% of Republicans say they are certain to vote in November. That's down nine percentage points from the March poll. 84% of Democrats say they are certain to vote in November -- that is up three percentage points from March. Poll director Charles Franklin says drop in Republican voter enthusiasm is "substantial."

The poll was conducted from June 9 - 12. 800 registered voters were interviewed by landline and cell phone. Of those registered voters, 666 said they were certain to vote in the November general election -- labeled "likely voters."

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