Marquette High School principal gets "canned"

MILWAUKEE -- Thursday, the principal at Milwaukee's Marquette University High School was removed from his office! However, it was all for a good cause.

Marquette University High School principal Jeff Monday was relocated for a reason. "The 'Can the Principal Drive,' included students bringing in cans of food last week, and the challenge was, if they filled the office, then I would be removed," Monday said.

Led by a group of ninth-graders, the school collected about 3,000 non-perishable food items, which occupy Monday's office. Wednesday and Thursday, Monday worked in the hall. "It's really exciting! All the students really got pumped for it. It was really excited to see him out in the hallway. Every single time we switched classes, we all saw him working in the hallway," ninth-grader Thomas Van Bibber said.

The event is part of the annual Winter Torch Week, designed to help students connect with the school's mission which involves helping folks in-need. "It was a spirit of generosity that the students just wanted to be a part of the solution, looking (for) some way, some small way to be a part of what's right here in Milwaukee," Monday said.

Friday, the donated items will be delivered to the Hunger Task Force.