Marina Dimitrijevic named Milwaukee Co. Board Chair

MILWAUKEE -- Five new supervisors were sworn in to join the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors for four-year terms, and Marina Dimitrijevic was named Milwaukee County Board Chair Monday, April 16th.

Dimitrijevic becomes the first new Board Chair in a decade, after Lee Holloway retired. In a statement, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said: "Congratulations to Marina Dimitrijevic on being elected as the new Chair of the Milwaukee County Board. Your leadership will help guide the board in the coming years. I look forward to working with you and the rest of the board as we work together to improve Milwaukee County."

Dimitrijevic was named Board Chair after 24 attempts by the board to give one person a majority vote. Dimitrijevic says she wants to unify the board and take on other issues. "I'm going to work with the suburbs and go and talk to them as soon as possible, and make sure I make fair decisions on the chairmanship. That's very important," Dimitrijevic said.

The County Board's five new supervisors include Deanna Alexander (18th District), David Bowen (10th District), David Cullen (15th District), Russell Stamper II (5th District) and Steve Taylor (9th District).

Supervisors Patricia Jursik, Willie Johnson Jr., John Weishan, Marina Dimitrijevic and Theodore Lipscomb had all expressed interest in becoming the new board chairman.

The 2012-2016 term is just beginning for the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors as they initiated the five new county supervisors. "They're a bright bunch of people. I'm looking forward to working with them. I think that it will bring in some new ideas and some new perspectives," County Supervisor Joe Sanfelippo said.

County Board Chairman Lee Holloway stepped down last March. Even though Supervisor Sanfelippo didn't agree with Holloway he said, "He's done a good job. I didn't support him for chairman when he came out. That's not a secret."

Sanfelippo said he'll remember Holloway as a fair man who respected the process.

On Holloway's last day in office, he criticized County Executive Chris Abele for not being able to relate to people.