Many injured in Boston bombings remain at Boston Medical Center

BOSTON (WITI) -- Many of those injured in the Boston Marathon bombings remain under care at the Boston Medical Center -- their bodies damaged by the blasts on Boylston Street. Doctors say they have pulled out numerous bomb fragments from the victims. Those fragments are being collected and sent to the FBI for the investigation.

The injured were taken to five hospitals, with the Boston Medical Center getting the most.

"Of the 19 patients that were admitted, 16 received emergency operations within the first 18 hours," a medical official told FOX6 News.

Some patients have already had several surgeries after suffering gruesome wounds that brought them to the brink of death -- like Sydney Corcoran who was left bleeding out from the severed artery in her leg. A makeshift tournequet was tied up tightly to stop the flow of blood.

Doctors say when she was brought into the trauma center, she was five minutes from death.

Corcoran's mother, a 47-year-old hairdresser was one of two victims who lost both of her legs.

At this point, 13 people have lost limbs -- many at Boston Medical Center. Doctors say they are certain with such horrific injuries, the first responders saved many more from dying before reaching the hospital.

Many of the victims face years of recovery and a lifetime of challenges. The wounds are a reminder of the IED injuries the nation's service members have suffered overseas. Doctors believe many of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings will need treatment for PTSD.

Physicians say there are patients at the center who may still lose limbs, as there are risks trying to rescue a severely damaged arm or leg.