Mandatory 10-digit dialing effective late-October in Wisconsin

When you dial to make a phone -- you probably don't think twice. But you're going to have to soon. 

There's going to be a new way Wisconsinites will have to make a call. 

Anyone with a phone in Wisconsin -- listen up. 

Starting in October, mandatory 10-digit dialing will start. 

"In July the FCC adapted a designation for the National Suicide Prevention line with is 988 and as a result of that designation there are 37 total states that are in the need to move from that seven-digit dialing to 10-digit dialing," Kristy Baron said.

To complete local calls, Wisconsinites will need to dial the area code and then the telephone number. 

This applies to all calls within the area codes currently dialed with 7 digits. 

To prepare for the change -- update your contact list. 

"If you have email signatures or business cards or any other public way of information for people to contact you, you have those local decals on your vehicles this is a really good time to make sure between now and October you get those updated."

And if you're not sure which area code to dial? Simply search the internet. 

 "You can definitely put in that city name and ask for the area code and that’s another way you can quickly self-serve if you’re looking for those geographies and specific area codes."

Wisconsinites will still be able to dial 3 digits to reach emergency and relay services. 

And your number and price of a call will remain the same. 

This will go into effect on October 24, 2021.

After this day -- local calls dialed with seven digits will not go through. 

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