Man whose son died in hands of police making new accusations

KENOSHA (WITI) -- Four independent reviews cleared Kenosha police officers of any wrongdoing after a man was tased and died. However, new evidence is causing some to question just how independent those reviews were.

Michael Bell and Ira Robins have made big accusations before the Kenosha Fire and Police Commission. They have submitted a report to the FBI, asking the feds to investigate the Kenosha Police Department.

The latest allegation revolves around an incident in July 2012, when an officer responded to a fight and tased a man less than 15 seconds after he got out of a squad car.

Bell and Robins question the four independent reviews that cleared the officer.

"We found the chief had tampered with the experts, claimed they were independent but helped write the decisions," Robins said.

Robins referred to a December email, in which Police Chief John Morrissey asked one of the reviewers, Chuck Joyner, to add a pair of sentences to his report -- one of them being that Morrissey did not provide his opinion on the incident.

The two also point to a November email where Morrissey told Joyner he would not be using his work email due to "open records requests."

"The cover-up by the Chief of Police is exactly what occurred with my son's case," Bell said.

Bell's son was killed by Kenosha police in 2004. The case is currently being reviewed by federal officials.

Morrissey declined an interview with FOX6 News on Tuesday. In February, he said this about the tasing incident: "I'm not going to do any more investigation into this. I factually put out what I had and people have to make their own decisions."

On Tuesday, he said the never-ending stream of requests from Bell and Robins amounts to harassment.

"I'll keep harassing him until he tells the truth and his department becomes honest. I'd like to see him harassed all the way to jail," Robins said.

During Tuesday's hearing, the Commission received a separate allegation of police brutality. A man says during an arrest last February, his wrist was broken by the same officer involved in the tasing incident.

The Commission is expected to review this case.

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