Man who died in Amazon construction site accident was expecting child with girlfriend

Zack Dassow, Dakota Daniels

OAK CREEK -- Family members of a construction worker killed at the future Amazon fulfillment center in Oak Creek are grieving after his sudden loss. Zack Dassow leaves behind many loved ones and a baby girl expected in a few weeks.

The pain comes in waves.

Dakota Daniels

"It hits me at all different times of the day," said Dakota Daniels, victim's girlfriend.

Dakota Daniels remembers beginning the journey of grief as she remembers the days she spent with her boyfriend, Zack Dassow.

"He was so funny. Everyone around him would laugh no matter what," said Daniels.

Authorities say 24-year-old Dassow was operating an ATV at the site when something went wrong -- ending in a 30 to 40 foot fall to the ground below.

Amazon construction site in Oak Creek

Amazon construction site death

"This is something he would never have chose for himself," said Daniels. "It was an awful accident. He was so happy and full of life."

The couple was celebrating new life as their baby girl is expected in a few weeks.

Zack Dassow, Dakota Daniels

"I just want her to know he loved her and how wanted she was," said Daniels.

Dakota Daniels

Zack Dassow

Dassow planned to teach his daughter how to hunt and fish.

"My heart hurts for him," said Daniels. "That he's going to miss out on all of that, and that she is not going to get to know her dad."

Daniels is determined to tell the stories of the life Dassow lived.

"I'm just trying to remember how excited and happy he was. He was just full of joy," said Daniels.

Dassow worked for Lewis Construction. OSHA is investigating the incident.
A fundraising page has been set up to the Dakota Daniels and her daughter after Zack Dassow’s untimely death. Click HERE to donate.

Zack Dassow, Dakota Daniels