Man found dead of heroin overdose in UWM dorm room

MILWAUKEE -- Officials are investigating a heroin overdose death that occurred on Monday, December 3rd on the UW-Milwaukee campus. 

56-year-old Tim Stanczyk of Watertown apparently came to the campus to visit his nephew on Monday. Late Monday evening, he was found dead in a dorm room. 

UWM officials say Stanczyk came through security, got a photo taken and was issued a guest pass in order to visit his 19-year-old nephew, a UWM freshman inside a dorm room in Sandburg Hall South. 

Around 11:00 Monday night, Stanczyk's nephew told police he went out to have a cigarette and came back to find his uncle dead. 

A Medical Examiner's report obtained by FOX6 News says there were cotton balls, and unburned spoon, a foil packet and a tourniquet found near Stanczyk's body in the dorm room. 

The Medical Examiner's report says Stanczyk's nephew reportedly has a history of IV heroin use.

Students told FOX6 News the incident is disturbing.

"It's kind of scary because no one really expects a drug overdose, especially here," Spencer Rodriguez said.

Tom Luljak, UWM's vice chancellor for university relations says it has been years since there has been a drug overdose in the dorms.

"We work very, very hard here on campus to communicate to our students that drugs are not allowed in our residence halls . We have very, very strict policies. If someone is found with narcotics or controlled subsances, the expulsion begins immediately, so we take this very seriously," Luljak said.

UWM officials stress to students that they need to look for friends in trouble.

The 19-year-old UWM student who found Stanczyk dead was arrested and is facing charges of reckless homicide for allegedly providing drugs and failing to render aid.

"In this case, if you see someone who's in distress, someone who's in a dangerous situation, you have a duty -- a duty to go ahead and take action to help that person out. It is in our mind not voluntary to come to the aid of someone who needs assistance, so that's the message we hope will be reinforced with this very tragic situation," Luljak said.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office says they are waiting for toxicology tests to determine the exact cause of death and that could take weeks.