Man chases woman into courthouse bathroom after custody hearing

brown-250MILWAUKEE -- 29-year-old Christopher Brown of Cudahy faces charges of disorderly conduct and bail jumping. This, after he allegedly chased his former girlfriend into a restroom after a child custody hearing at the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

Brown did not attend the child custody hearing. But After the proceeding, officials say the mother of Brown's son waited in the hall for an elevator. Brown approached her and yelled, “You are taking my son away from me and I’m going to get you!” 

Officials say the woman ran into a restroom and locked herself in a stall. Brown pounded on the restroom stall door and then fled toward the elevators when deputies responded after a call for help from an attorney who witnessed the incident.

Brown had prior domestic abuse injunctions against him. He now faces increased penalties of up to four years in prison due to his prior misdemeanor convictions.

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