Man accused of tasing wife after Packers/Bears game must pay fine

MAYVILLE (WITI) — FOX6 News has learned a man caught on camera using a taser on his wife following the Packers vs. Bears game on November 4th has been ordered to pay a fine as part of a guilty plea.

John Grant must pay a $250 fine.

Mayville police say 42-year-old Grant was arrested after allegedly using a taser on his wife due to a bet made on the Packers-Bears game.

A video, shared by a man who says he witnessed the “bet,” says a woman was tased three times.  According to police, Grant, a Bears fan and his wife, a Packers fan, went to Sidelines Tap on S. Main Street for the game. Both were drinking, and when they were questioned by police, both were over the legal limit for driving.

Around midnight, the two went outside to smoke a cigarette — and around 12:30 a.m., police say they received a report of a woman allegedly being tased repeatedly by a man.

“They were here all day just drinking and they were having a good time,” said bartender Ashley McFarlane. “We didn’t know until after the game and then he brings out the taser and takes her in the alley and tasers her.”

Police responded to the scene and Grant was arrested.

After interviewing Grant and his wife, police were able to determine the two had apparently made a bet on the game, and the wife had agreed to let the husband use a stun gun on her if the Bears won.

However, police say Grant’s wife signed a “no consent form,” which prompted Grant’s arrest — despite the fact that Grant told police his wife had given him permission to use the taser.

“I think it turned bad when he came out of the bathroom and he tased her one other time on the side of the butt and then she kind of got mad,” said McFarlane.

Grant’s wife told police she was tased three times.

Grant was charged with felony possession of an electronic weapon. State law does not allow anyone to possess or use stun guns.

Police say the type of stun gun Grant used is different from tasers used by police officers. This kind of stun gun reportedly relies on skin contact, and can cause burning and pain, as well as nerve damage.

Both Grant and his wife are from Tinley Park, Illinois. They were in Mayville because Grant has been working temporarily at a company there.