Man accused in shooting on basketball courts after he lost a fight pleads not guilty

Ronqwell Fondren

MILWAUKEE -- 31-year-old Ronqwell Fondren of Milwaukee, charged in connection with the fatal shooting of Joseph Benson, was in court Wednesday, August 30th for his preliminary hearing.

Fondren pleaded not guilty to the following charges:

    He'll next be in court on September 14th for a scheduling conference.

    Benson, 23, was fatally shot at Wahl Park on August 15th at the park's basketball courts.

    According to the criminal complaint, a witness to the crime indicates Fondren drove with the witness to Wahl Park on that Tuesday. They walked over to the basketball courts. The complaint then indicates "Fondren got into an argument with the victim, which escalated into a physical fight."

    Shooting at Wahl Park

    The witness who talked with police said she held onto Fondren's .380 pistol during the fight. She told investigators "Fondren lost the fight without even landing a punch, and was angry." Fondren then apparently grabbed his weapon back from the witness. She "observed Fondren shoot the victim twice."

    If convicted of the more serious homicide charge, Fondren faces life in prison. He is due in court on Wednesday, August 30th for a preliminary hearing.

    Shooting at Wahl Park