'Make sure we have the financing:' City leaders work to expand route of The Hop

The Hop

MILWAUKEE -- Leaders are working to expand the city's new streetcar to different portions of Milwaukee. They're progressively working to extend The Hop's service. Right now, they are doing preliminary engineering and solidifying funding.

On the first Saturday night of the new year, the city's streetcar is seamlessly chugging along.

"I love The Hop. I think it's a great thing for Milwaukee," said Emily Bultman, rider.

The Hop

For Emily Bultman, The Hop is the ideal way to get to some of her favorite spots.

Emily Bultman

"It really brings the community together," Bultman said. "I'm taking it to the Bucks game tonight. I think the energy in Milwaukee is awesome right now."

The Hop weaves through different portions of Milwaukee. From the Intermodel Station to Burns Commons at Ogden and Prospect. It's attracted more riders than anticipated.

"What I'm hearing more than anything now is people saying look we want to get this extended," said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The Hop

Tom Barrett

Mayor Tom Barrett and other city leaders have a vision to extend service. They are doing the preliminary engineering to get it to he Wisconsin Center and ultimately to Fiserv Forum. They are now securing funding.

"What we don't have in place is the financing for it. We want to make sure we have the financing in place before we move forward," said Barrett.

The hope is to connect more communities. It's an idea some riders support with full force.

The Hop

"Milwaukee is evolving. As an evolving city, we have to try new things," said Bultman.

Mayor Barrett says a recent attempt to securing federal funding for an expansion failed. Tracks have been laid for a lakefront loop that would open next year.