'Magic broom dispenses candy:' Trick or treat creativity in Thiensville

The coronavirus has forced the cancelation of trick-or-treating in 2020 in some Milwaukee-area municipalities. With COVID-19 exploding in the state, many are opting to stay home, but in Thiensville, the Halloween tradition went on Sunday, Oct. 25.

FOX6 News found people taking an untraditional approach, getting creative instead of handing out candy from a bowl at the door.

Trick-or-treating looked a little different in Thiensville in 2020.

"It's not as fun as it usually is, but it still is fun," said Sienna Bott, age 9.

Fewer kids were on the streets, people kept their distance and there weren't just spooky masks covering faces.

"We felt like, we're outside, and everybody is being really safe," said Gregg Bott, Sienna's dad.

Some signs on doors turned people away, while some people passed out candy outside their homes.

"I put this box out, and I made little packets of candy so that kids could just come up and get it, and they wouldn't feel uncomfortable coming to the door," said Lori Handeland.

Some, like Julie Cavaniss, got creative.

"I just thought, I'll be a witch with a broom," said Cavaniss.

Using a  PVC pipe and some tape, she was able to keep things fun and safe.

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"They don't quite know what to make of it at first, and once they realize it's a magic broom that dispenses candy, they're very excited," said Cavaniss.

While Halloween 2020 may not be the holiday we're all used to, it'll certainly be unforgettable. 

"I just hope everyone stays safe and a lot healthier than we've been doing," said Cavaniss.

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