MADD urges Gov. Walker to veto drunken driving sobriety proposal

MADISON — Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is urging Gov. Scott Walker to veto a bill that would allow judges to place offenders in a sobriety testing program in lieu of using ignition interlocks.

Wisconsin law requires a judge to order people who improperly refuse breath tests and certain repeat drunken drivers to use interlock devices. The bill allows a judge to place offenders who otherwise would have to use an interlock device to participate in a sobriety program that requires at least twice-daily sobriety tests.

Both the Assembly and Senate passed the bill on voice votes. But MADD National President Colleen Sheehy-Church sent Walker a letter Thursday seeking a veto. She wrote that MADD opposes making ignition locks optional.

A Walker spokeswoman didn't immediately respond to an email.