Lt. Brian Murphy makes public appearance at Sikh temple benefit

OAK CREEK -- Oak Creek Police Lt. Brian Murphy, one of the hero's of the Sikh temple shooting, makes a surprise public appearance for the first time since being released from the hospital.Despite being shot in the neck he offered a few words for the cameras.

The parking lot of an Oak Creek bowling alley may seem like an unusual place for recovering Oak Creek Police Lt. Murphy's birthday celebration. The lot hosts a car show to benefit everyone affected by the Sikh temple shooting when Murphy makes his surprise appearance. Murphy even makes a joke despite the injury to his throat. "You have no idea how nice it is to see my birthday. I don't mind getting older now," said Murphy.

Event organizer Aimee Reinke tells FOX6 that it's important for Murphy to know the community stands behind him. Murphy said, "I just wanted to let everyone know how appreciative I am my family is for your kindness prayers, and  support it means so much to us."

Murphy was also presented with a plaque from the car club helping with the event. Organizers are hoping to raise more than $10,000 at the event.