Lt. Brian Henning with Germantown Police Department retires after 36 years on the force

GERMANTOWN -- A celebration was held Monday, August 24th for a long-time Germantown police officer.

After 36 years on the job, Lt. Brian Henning is retiring.

Germantown Police Lt. Brian Henning

Henning started at the Germantown Police Department when he was 18 years old, and leaves quite a legacy behind.

Henning has served as a police artist, and was on America's Most Wanted after identifying a person through reconstruction and his drawings.

He also designed the police logo, and tarted the SWAT Team and the "Ride Along Program" along with other initiatives.

Lt. Henning says he still has plans to work after taking a little time off.

Germantown Police Lt. Brian Henning

"People laugh when I say it, but my ultimate goal is that I want to work for Disney World. I want to be one of the guys there wearing the Mickey hands, pointing people, helping them out -- so I just want to be around some place that's happy and people are happy," Lt. Henning said.

Henning inspired his three sons to become police officers, and his nephew works at the Germantown Police Department as well.