'Lost control:' Rashed Farrakhan, correctional officer, accused of punching jail inmate

Rashed Farrakhan

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County correctional officer accused of beating up an inmate was charged on Wednesday, Dec. 19 with two felony offenses. Prosecutors say the charges stem from an incident on Nov. 14, when Rashed Farrakhan repeatedly punched an inmate in front of other guards.

Farrakhan, 43, faces the following criminal charges:

    Prosecutors say Farrakhan and other guards were escorting an inmate to his cell at the Milwaukee County Jail, when the inmate began "laughing at the officers, specifically at the defendant," while they removed his handcuffs.

    Milwaukee County Jail

    A criminal complaint says Farrakhan said something to the inmate then removed his glasses and punched the inmate repeatedly in the torso.

    The correctional officers who witnessed the alleged attack told investigators the inmate never made verbal threats or attempted to use physical force.

    Rashed Farrkhan

    Rashed Farrkhan

    In response, Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt said in a statement that he ordered the arrest.

    "Renegade staff will not be tolerated," Schmidt said.

    "He's been with Milwaukee County for 20 years. He has no prior criminal history. He's married, his family all resides here," said Earlean Laster, defense attorney.

    Appearing out of custody with his attorney on Wednesday, Farrakhan had been initially held at the Racine County Jail. In calls from jail, prosecutors say he admitted that he "lost control" and "lost his cool" when he gave the inmate a "couple chest shots."

    Farrakhan's $5,000 cash bail, which he already posted, was reduced to $1,000 on Wednesday. He's due back in court on Jan. 4.

    Rashed Farrkhan