'Lost contact with witnesses:' Felony murder charges dismissed in Milwaukee double shooting

Antonio Young in 2015 (L) and Christopher Goodvine in 2003 (R)

Felony murder charges were dismissed Thursday, Aug. 6 against two Milwaukee men accused of shooting two people, one who died, after making arrangements to buy at watch in January. Online court records showed the state was unable to proceed with the Aug. 10 jury trial because "the state has lost contact with witnesses." 

The court granted the motion to dismiss.

The double shooting happened near 40th Street and Vliet Street on Jan. 18. 

Fatal shooting near 40th and Vliet

Christopher Goodvine, 39, and Antonio Young, 27, were charged with felony murder and second-degree recklessly endangering safety.

According to prosecutors, the victims, next-door neighbors, said they made arrangements to buy a watch from Goodvine. He, his neighbor, and the neighbor's cousin went to get it.

When they arrived at an apartment near 40th and Vliet to meet Goodvine, four men emerged and pointed guns at them, prosecutors said, and shots were fired. The neighbor fell to the ground, as the four men told the first victim to empty his pockets, which he did, but they did not take anything.

The four men and Goodvine then left the apartment.

Fatal shooting near 40th and Vliet

Police interviewed the neighbor's cousin, who said things got confrontational when the four men emerged with guns. After the shooting, he said he tried to help the victims.

A man who lives at the apartment where it happened said a man, later identified as Young, showed up before the shooting, pointed a gun at him and said: "We have to handle some business and don't come out (of his room)." He did so, and another man -- who he later identified as Goodvine -- later came into the room with Young before the shooting. When Goodvine and Young left the room, the man heard men talking, the confrontation ensued and the shots were fired.