Looter fatally shot by gun shop owner in South Philadelphia, authorities say

PHILADELPHIA -- A looter was shot and killed by the owner of a gun shop in South Philadelphia, police say.

The incident happened at approximately 4:11 a.m. on the 1500 block of Front Street in the Pennsport section of the city.

Officials say the owner of the gun store, Firing Line Inc., was inside his business guarding it because they had experienced a break-in attempt on Sunday evening.

When a crew of looters reportedly attempted to break in, the store's owner saw them on surveillance video and then heard them coming up the steps of the store.

"One of the individuals that broke into the property, pointed a handgun at him," Chief Inspector Scott Smalls told FOX 29's Steve Keeley. "And that's when the store owner fired his own weapon -- striking the one perpetrator at least one time in the head and he collapsed, dropping his gun between his legs."

Medics pronounced that man dead at the scene. At least two or three other individuals involved in the attempted looting fled the scene.

Officials say another man is at an area hospital with a gunshot wound to the shoulder and believe he is likely a member of the same group of looters.

Cops are however still to confirm that connection as they wait to get a bullet from surgeons.

A pair of large bolt cutters were found at the scene, officials confirmed.

The investigation remains underway.