Looking for a place to get crafty? Check out Just Kiln’s Time art studio

If you’re looking for a place to get crafty, Brian can help. He’s at Just Kiln’s Time in Menomonee Falls where you can pick from 600 items and then paint away.

About Just Kiln' Time (website)

The BIGGEST question people ask is, "What made you open a PYOP studio?"

Our daughter Aaliyah was born with Cerebral Palsy. Because of this disability, she cannot do what other children can do. One day Aaliyah's school called and asked if Aaliyah could play with clay to see if she would react to it. Two weeks later after Aaliyah's piece was fired, the staff painted her hand and she LOVED it! Her reaction was so touching, and they called us very EXCITED! We took Aaliyah to a PYOP Studio to see for ourselves. When I painted her hand, it tickled her so much, and she laughed so hard it made me cry. About 2 years later we were on vacation in Wisconsin Dells and tried it again. Aaliyah gave us the same reaction. She started LAUGHING again!

​We hope that our story and Just Kiln' Time can be an inspiration for other families, like it has been an inspiration for ours, especially those with special needs. Our goal is to give your family a safe and great place to escape and relax and explore your creativity!