Local Irish dancers create quilts for youngest Boston bombings victim

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Nearly two months after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, people are still reaching out to try to help the victims recover. Meanwhile, some local Irish dancers are reaching out to the youngest victim -- a little girl named Jane, who was an Irish dancer herself.

Bree and Trish Johnson helped the Irish dance community come together for six-year-old Jane Richard.

"Jane has just started Irish dancing, and she lost her leg in the bombing. My daughter Bree has been dancing for 16 years, and it hits close to home," Trish Johnson said.

To help comfort the little girl, over 500 dance schools from around the world donated T-shirts to make a quilt.

"Make a quilt and wrap Jane in love of the Irish dance," Trish Johnson said.

"There were schools and organizations that not only sent shirts, but sent monetary donations to us and we used part of that to help with the cost of the quilt and the rest had been donated to the Richard Family Fund," Bree Johnson said.

The Johnsons headed to Boston to help with the creation of the quilt, and to help present it to Jane's dance school, the Clifden Academy in Milton.

"We made two quilts for Jane -- a wall hanging, and we made a queen size quilt for her mother," Trish Johnson said.

Jane's brother, Martin was killed, and her mother suffered a brain injury as a result of the bombings.

"There were a lot of tears, a lot of smiles, everyone was commenting on how much she loves the quilt. The entire dance school signed it, so they could personalize it," Trish Johnson said.

Soon, Jane can unwrap a tangible gesture of support and strength.

"We just hope and send good wishes for her recovery and one day she can wrap herself in these quilts and know that she was loved," Trish Johnson said.

Jane is currently in a rehabilitation hospital. When Jane and her family are ready, the dance team will present them with the quilts.

The Johnsons say shirts are still coming in, and they plan to incorporate them into another project.