"Like 'Fast and the Furious:'" Wild car chase ends with four 13-year-old boys arrested

MILWAUKEE -- A cross town chase ends with four 13-year-old boys in custody. It all began around 10:30 a.m. Friday morning, January 15th starting on the south side, covering about 15-miles and ending up at 107th and Silver Spring. Witnesses say they froze as cars sped past.

Stolen car chase ending at 107th & Silver Spring

Near 16th and Lincoln, a quiet morning was interrupted by crime. Milwaukee police say a 32-year-old woman was robbed and beaten by four teenagers. Her purse was stolen and the suspects got away -- but not for long.

Thirty minutes later, near 14th and Burnham, Milwaukee County sheriff's deputies spotted the teens' car and a chase began.

"Like 'Fast and the Furious' type stuff," said Breanna Robinson, witness.

A witness captured the pursuit on a cell phone as the suspects were speeding in the area of Sherman and Hampton.

"It was like the world was froze. Everybody just stopped," said Robinson.

Robinson was halted on her way to catch a bus.

Breanna Robinson

"I was actually about to cross the street when I saw the cars go past and I had to jump back on the sidewalk because I thought I was going to get hit," said Robinson.

The car weaved through traffic, at one point it even went the wrong way.

Stolen car chase ending at 107th & Silver Spring

"I want to say the driver they were trying to get was going 160-180 miles-per-hour," said Robinson.

The chase finally came to a halt in a Walmart parking lot at 107th and Silver Spring.


Sheriff's deputies and police squads boxed in the car. Authorities say four 13-year-old boys tried running but were quickly apprehended.

"It's sad to me," said Robinson.

A wild chase coming to an end, leaving a city thankful it wasn't worse.

Stolen car chase ending at 107th & Silver Spring

"It's scary," said Robinson.

The sheriff's office is issuing felony charges of fleeing and recklessly endangering safety. The Milwaukee Police Department is handling the strong armed robbery portion of the case.