Life Church says staffing deputy for security is working well

GERMANTOWN (WITI) -- Since Mother's Day Weekend, Life Church in Germantown has been paying the Washington County Sheriff's Department to provide security at weekend services. Church leaders say so far, having the security system in place has been a success.

As parishioners made their way into Life Church on Sunday morning, June 2nd, many of them noticed the uniformed Washington County Sheriff's deputy in the atrium.

"No news is good news and so far, everything, all of our people have really appreciated it and it's been going really well," Executive Pastor Ryan Coggins said.

Coggins says it is his hope that the deputy never has to act while at the church.

Longtime church members say it is not alarming, but reassuring to see a deputy every weekend.

"I don't think anybody gives it a second thought. I think as it pertains to a church, it's a little bit different but again, given the day and age in which we live, it don't think it's been an issue at all," Kevin Nash said.

Last August, a gunman killed six worshippers at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek. However, church leaders in Germantown say what happened in Oak Creek had no influence on the decision that was made this spring.

"It's not out of a reaction to other situations, but simply being proactive to say we're gonna take every step possible to stay ahead of the curve," Coggins said.

"It's just a sign of the times. I don't know anyone who'd be so surprised by it. It just seems to be the way our society is evolving," Nash said.