'Let's be part of the solution:' Milwaukee police chief, incoming sheriff look forward to new partnership

MILWAUKEE -- Wasting no time after Election Day, two Milwaukee law enforcement officials put forth a united front. Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales and incoming Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas met on Wednesday morning, Nov. 7 to talk about the relationship between the police department and sheriff's office -- and how the two will move forward to face community challenges in the future.

"We're fairly new at our positions, but we're not new at the responsibilities that we have here," said Lucas.

The meeting took place at the Milwaukee Police Administration Building, where Lucas and Morales discussed their joint role in the city's future.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales meets with incoming Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas

"We need leadership that's present, that's accessible and certainly that's engaged with the community," said Lucas.

"That's going to be special. That's going to be special. What the public hasn't seen is an office like this, where we're going to get a lot of hard work done," said Morales.

Both acknowledged the work ahead.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales

"It's time that we roll up our sleeves and say, 'let's be part of the solution.' We have an opportunity right now where your local law enforcement agencies, county law enforcement agencies, state law enforcement agencies and federal -- actually have leadership where we truly and genuinely get along and we can communicate with each other," said Morales.

"We've got to restore the honor and the trust in our community in order to get the jobs done that we have here. I'm looking forward to the partnership and the relationship with the police department and the sheriff's office, and I know we're going to do some wonderful things for this community,"  said Lucas.

Earnell Lucas

Lucas said his first priority is strengthening the system from the inside out.

"I've got to restore the trust within the organization. The culture has got to change," said Lucas.

Lucas was once a police captain with the Milwaukee Police Department. He was elected to the office of sheriff in the Democratic primary in August. Lucas will take office on Jan. 7, 2019.