Lawsuit filed: Teen suing McDonald's restaurant claims his iced tea had bleach, cleaning solution in it

MUNCIE, INDIANA (WITI) -- An Indiana teenager is suing a company that owns and operates a McDonald's restaurant. He says a drink he ordered contained bleach or cleaning solution.

FOX6's sister station FOX59 in Indiana reports the lawsuit, filed in late January says the incident occurred in late August 2013.

The lawsuit claims the teenager took a drink from his cup that he thought was filled with iced tea and immediately "began to vomit and feel a burning sensation in his chest" from drinking "bleach and/or a cleaning solution." The lawsuit claims the teen suffered unspecified permanent injury and incurred medical and hospital expenses. Language in the complaint says the teen suffered “the loss of a whole and useful life.”

The teen's parents are listed as plaintiffs in the case. The lawsuit says since the incident occurred, the teen's parents have "lost the services and love and affection of their child."

Muncie, Indiana-based "Terhunes Incorporated" owns and operates the McDonald's restaurant. That company is named as the defendant in the case.

The lawsuit asks that a jury determine the appropriate damages.

The suit doesn't shed light on why it was filed a year-and-a-half after the alleged incident.

FOX59 reached out to Terhune's Incorporated, but officials did not return a message seeking comment.