Lakeshore erosion leaves more homes hanging on the edge: 'It makes me want to cry'

KENOSHA COUNTY -- More homes hang on the edge in Kenosha as erosion from the waves on Lake Michigan batters the shoreline.

Wave after crashing wave -- Lake Michigan is slowing taking parts of an abandoned home in Somers. SKYFOX video from just a week ago showed the home dangling on the edge. On Thursday, Oct. 3, all of the building's contents fell into the water.

Neighbors like Mike Hervat are deeply concerned. He also lives along the lakeshore. Photos from eight years ago show his patio -- now in deep.

Michael Hervat

"I've lost about 70 feet of patio area and another 30 feet of actual shoreline," Hervat said.

Karen Reynolds

Karen Reynolds used to have stairs to the shore off her porch -- but not anymore.

"It's the water erosion. The waves come up real high and it knocks everything down," Reynolds said.

Reynolds is concerned dozens of other homes will soon splash into the lake as village and town officials scale a wall of mud to assess the unstable ground from below. Reynolds wishes something could be done to help.

"I just wish people would donate time, materials, something, to help restore this beautiful property and help these people," Reynolds said.

Surveying erosion damage in Somers

Time is running out. In the last few days, a shed slid down the bluff -- and the earth split between Reynolds' property and her neighbor's property.

Erosion threatens Somers home

"It makes me want to cry because I don't want to move," Reynolds said.

Village and town officials tell FOX6 News a raze order has finally been approved to tear down the one home. Since it was abandoned, the bank was responsible for the property just as it started to crumble and fall into the lake. We're told the approval was given to tear it down.