Kevin Kavanaugh sentenced to two years in prison

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County judge sentenced Kevin Kavanaugh, one of the suspects involved in the on-going John Doe investigation, to two years in prison and two years of extended supervision on Friday, December 7th. The judge also ordered him to pay $51,000 in restitution.

Kavanaugh was the former Milwaukee County official appointed by Governor Walker while he was county executive. Kavanaugh is accused of taking $42,000 from Operation Freedom, and faces multiple theft and fraud charges.

Walker’s former Chief of Staff Tom Nardelli was the first witness to testify in the case. He told the court he noticed things didn't add up in the books for Operation Freedom, a fundraiser meant to raise money for war veterans back in 2006.

Milwaukee County Judge Michael Guolee spends more than an hour and a half explaining the reasoning behind his sentence of Kavanaugh. He said, "They are harmed...their children were harmed by not having access to this little bit of money, and it's because of what you did or didn't do."

In total, Kavanaugh is accused of pocketing nearly $42,000 when he was the treasurer for the local Military Order of the Purple Heart between 2006 and 2009.

Kavanaugh apologized for what he did, but Judge Goulee says those comments are not credible. The judge then continues to explain the damage the convicted felon's actions have caused. "Your little statement you made was worthless," he said. "You may be upset by the fact that you got caught embezzling this money, and that you're facing time in prison but I don't see any real remorse."

Kavanaugh is the fifth Walker aide or associate to be convicted as part of a secret probe, and a sixth is awaiting trial.

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