Kerry says he was "chosen from binders of senators" for debate prep

BOCA RATON, Florida (CNN) -- Sen. John Kerry seized on a recent comment by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to describe his experience playing Romney in President Barack Obama's debate prep.

"I was chosen from binders of senators," Kerry told CNN Chief White House Correspondent Jessica Yellin. "I got pretty good at being the other guy, so good that when I went home my dog growled at me so I knew I was doing well."

In last week's debate, Romney said he received "binders full of women" in an effort to spur female hiring in his Massachusetts administration. The comment ignited a media firestorm, and was apparently not lost on Kerry.

The veteran Massachusetts senator and former presidential nominee, said it was a "privilege" to help prepare the president for his three showdowns with Romney and that viewers will see a "forceful" president at the debate Monday night.

"I think you'll see a president tonight who is steady, who is forceful, strong and clear about what he has achieved and how it is connected to what he wants to achieve in the next four years," Kerry said.

How is President Obama feeling about tonight's third, and final, face off with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney?

Vice president Joe Biden revealed at least one tidbit about the president based on a private phone call he had - with the first lady.

"I just spoke with Michelle , which I'm speaking of a classy woman, a classy, bright lady," Biden said early on at a campaign rally in Lorain, Ohio. "And he's excited for the debate tonight."

Biden continued: "Of course, this will be his third debate. And I had my one debate with Congressman Ryan. And one thing I think has come across clear to the American people is that we really have fundamentally different views on how to move this nation forward. And a fundamentally different value set than the other team does."

Biden's comments came at the second of two events in Ohio on Monday. The vice president is scheduled to campaign here through Wednesday. In one appearance, Biden will make a rare, joint appearance with the president, hours after the debate.

That appearance will happen Tuesday in Dayton.