Kenosha woman stabbed 18+ times in her home, saved by roommate

A Kenosha woman is recovering from a stabbing attack in her home that she says was unprovoked. Her nephew is facing charges in connection with the crime.

"They’re just everywhere," said Karen Robenson, covered in stab wounds. "All through my body here. I even have one of my nose and down here on my chin."

On Dec. 11, she was in her Kenosha home when she became the victim of a vicious attack.

Karen Robenson

"I was stabbed in my head a total of seven times," said Robenson.

Her nephew, Jarron Johnson came come over to visit, and Robenson said his behavior was strange.

"I heard him go in the bathroom, go out the bathroom," said Robenson. "I said, 'What is he doing?' He was acting erratic."

Jarron Johnson

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Out of nowhere, she said, the visit took a turn.

"Then I see him, and he’s coming right at me," said Robenson.

Robenson said Johnson began stabbing her:

"He’s sticking me," said Robenson. "He’s stabbing me. He’s stabbing me."

Robenson said the attack was unprovoked -- stabbed more than 18 times.

"It was like an animal -- when an animal attacks you," said Robenson. "No one was there."

But someone was there. Robenson's roommate, Linda Boyd, heard the struggle. 

Linda Boyd

"Every time I think about it, it’s disturbing," said Boyd. "When I came in, he was stabbing her over, and over and over again."

Boyd jumped into action and grabbed a heavy glass ashtray.

"I was just focused on getting him off of her," said Boyd. "That’s when I hit him. I know I knocked him out. He slumped."

"All I know is God answered my prayers," said Robenson.

"I told her to, 'Come on, let's go,' and we ran out," said Boyd.

"She grabs me and picks me up," said Robenson.

The two ran to safety -- Robenson grateful to be alive, and for the friend who, she says, saved her life that day.

"I thought he was going to kill me," said Robenson. "I made it," said Robenson. "God blessed me. I was thankful to have my best friend here with me."

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Johnson, 30, faces one count of attempted first-degree intentional homicide. He was arrested on the day of the crime after a short foot pursuit, according to a criminal complaint. Cash bond was set at $700,000 when he made his initial appearance in court on Dec. 14.

In the meantime, a has been set up to help with Robenson's recovery.