Kenosha police arrest 50-year-old man accused of selling heroin that also contained fentanyl

KENOSHA -- Kenosha police arrested a 50-year-old Illinois man who they say is suspected of running a drug operation in which he was selling heroin that also contained fentanyl.

The Illinois man was arrested on Thursday morning, March 26 by the Kenosha Drug Operation Group (KDOG). Assisting in the operation were members of the Kenosha Police Department’s Gang Unit, Kenosha Sheriff’s Department Patrol Units and members of the Lake County Illinois Drug Unit.

Officials say KDOG was able to set up a buy/bust of the Illinois man. When the man arrived at the location, he was taken into custody without incident. Officials say the suspect was in possession of approximately three grams of heroin.

During this investigation, KDOG detectives conducted several controlled buys with the Illinois man which led to his arrest.  A total of about ten grams of heroin with fentanyl along with two grams of crack cocaine were recovered from the Illinois man.

The Illinois man is in custody at the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department Jail -- and expected to be charged with five counts of manufacture/delivery of heroin -- all felony charges