Kenosha mom deals with legal trouble, while her son awaits trial for killing Kaylie Juga

Alice Nicole Fuller

KENOSHA -- Alice Fuller is a Kenosha mother whose teenage son is facing a lengthy prison sentence for allegedly murdering his ex-girlfriend. Now, she is dealing with some legal trouble of her own.

16-year-old Martice Fuller is accused of tampering with the jury ahead of his trial. Now, Kenosha police say they arrested 37-year-old Alice Nicole Fuller inside a Kenosha County courtroom. This, while her son was making another appearance before a judge for allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend Kaylie Juga -- and shooting Juga's mother after breaking into their home last May. Fuller and Juga both attended Bradford High School.

Kenosha police say Alice Fuller is expected to be charged soon with obstructing an officer. Her son may also be facing new charges of his own.

Martice Fuller

New evidence provided by prosecutors at what was scheduled to be opening statements in the Martice Full trial on Monday suggests Fuller was tampering with the jury.

Mike Graveley

"The allegation is the defendant got the names off of a chart of the potential jurors. The defendant then memorized those names and made some assumptions about who was related to those individuals and then began to try to contact people to get in touch with them," said Kenosha County District Attorney Mike Graveley. "I’ve been at this a long time, this is the first time I’ve seen this."

It was decided that the trial would be delayed pending further investigation. At about that time, police say Alice Fuller allegedly spoke out to an officer -- and both of the Fullers were taken away in handcuffs.

Kenosha police are not saying yet what was allegedly said. Fuller's attorney could not be reached for comments.

Jury selection and the trial for Martice have been rescheduled for May. The Juga family told FOX6 News on Monday when the decision was made to delay the trial, it was not the outcome they desired.