Keg tapped in celebration as Scout Lake Beer Garden opened, beer to be served through June 21st

MILWAUKEE -- The first keg was tapped at the Scout Lake Beer Garden on Wednesday, June 10th. Free beer was available while supplies lasted in celebration.

The partnership of Milwaukee County Parks and the Estabrook Beer Garden brought the beer garden to the Scout Lake Pavilion from June 10th-21st.

Scout Lake Park is located at 5902 W. Loomis Road.

“With a view of the lake, music, and beers from Munich, the Scout Lake Beer Garden will make the most of this park space. Scout Lake provides an amazing environment. The authentic beer-garden setting with shared-table seating provides the sense of community—thank you, Hans, for this new partnership! And your Parks Concessions Staff will provide outstanding service,” said Dargle. “This is a great time to be in your Parks!”

“We are very proud to work as a partner of Milwaukee County Parks in creating opportunities for more people to have access to our beautiful parks,” said Weissgerber. “Public beer gardens offer a convenient way for people from all walks of life to share in the park experience.”

Like the Estabrook Beer Garden, the Scout Lake Beer Garden will feature beers of the Hofbräu Munich Brewery, Usinger's sausages, and fresh-baked giant pretzels from Miller Bakery. The 2015 brewing of the HB Munich Sommerbier—billed as the official beer-garden beer of Munich—will be offered exclusively in Milwaukee at the Scout Lake Beer Garden beginning at 6 p.m. on June 10th and running through June 20th.

Beer will be served in 1-liter or half-liter glass mugs. Patrons must purchase a mug or bring their own.

Adding to the atmosphere will be nightly live acoustic music.

The beer garden will open at noon and have last call at 9 p.m. The park closes at 10 p.m.

Families are welcome to pack their own picnic lunches or suppers and non-alcoholic beverages. License restrictions prohibit the carry-in of any alcohol. Grilling is not allowed at the beer garden site or the immediate surrounding area.

Beer gardens in Milwaukee have been a tradition, bringing friends, families, and neighbors together in a relaxed, social setting. With the arrival of German immigrants in the mid-1800s, beer gardens began to spring up—often located in parks. By the late 1800s beer gardens were prolific throughout the city as the center of summer social life.

Permanent beer gardens have operated in the Parks since 2012, with the Estabrook Park Beer Garden as the premiere facility.

South Lake Park Beer Garden

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