'Just to help people be happy:' 12-year-old Sturtevant boy helps spread 'The Good News'

Mason Sittig

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One freshly-picked story from the site focused on 'The Good News' from Sturtevant.

For 12-year-old Mason Sittig, being at home means a lot of downtime.

Not playing the sports he loves, going fishing, or spending time with friends at school.

But that doesn't mean he hasn't been working hard.

"At my school, we would have clubs and we had a newspaper club and we would write newspapers for the school," said Sittig.

Newspapers he continues to write on his own to help people be happy.

Alicia Sittig, Mason's mom

Sittig spreads 'The Good News' during this pandemic.

"With all of this going on, we've seen a lot more people walking and I just wanted to get some news out for people since there's been a lot of not-so-good stuff going around now," said Sittig.

"It's been amazing," said Alicia Sittig, Mason's mom. "We always try to encourage all of our kids really to use the gifts that they have under the circumstances and Mason kind of came up with the idea and rolled with it."

'The Good News' consists of sports, fishing reports, fun crafts, recipes, and more.

"I do a theme of the week which is like, try to do a kind deed this week, a riddle of the week," said Sittig.

"It's just nice to give something to people to look forward to each week, but I just really want him to just use his gifts to help people and he's able to do that," said Alicia Sittig. "He loves sports and sports isn't happening right now, so this is the way he can kind of connect with the community, with his passions by staying at home which is hard to do."

So is writing all the stories for a newspaper!

"I just do it to help people and help them feel better about themselves," said Sittig.

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