Just part of the job: Crews that work outside deal with high heat, humidity

WEST ALLIS -- It's the middle of August -- so we expect some summer heat. But dealing with humidity and temperatures near 90 can be tough on people.

"We're putting in a brand new gas main here in Wauwatosa," said We Energies spokesperson Cathy Schulze. "Whatever Mother Nature throws at us, I guess we have to take it!"

We Energies contractors dealt with the high heat on Monday as they were removing rail which had been buried under Wells St. since the late 1800s. Schulze said the crews are doing what they can to cope with the heat -- and keep cool.

"There are certain measures that they take, before they come out, on days, like this; always making sure they stay well-hydrated, making sure they have ample supply of water, back in the truck; making sure they take frequent breaks, and rotate crews, in and out," said Schulze.

At State Fair Park in West Allis, the work drags on for Deena Drewes and she and a co-worker try to cool down while they clean up.

"This morning I woke up quite ill from the heat probably -- from being dehydrated and working in the heat all day," said Drewes.

Her last task -- taking the tent down before leaving the fairgrounds.

"I was hoping to get out of this, out of the fairgrounds," said Drewes. "But these guys keep coming around and wanting interviews."