"Just One More Ministry" repurposes food from restaurants, caterers for those in need this Thanksgiving

WAUWATOSA -- "Just One More Ministry," a non-profit organization, is stepping up in a big way this Thanksgiving. It's an effort to make sure food isn't wasted -- and gets to those who need it most.

"Just One More Ministry" has been preparing meals for years -- Thanksgiving 2016 marks its first endeavor involving the Thanksgiving feast.

The source of the food that went into the Thanksgiving meals makes this effort somewhat unique.

"We're a food rescue organization. We rescue food on a daily basis from caterers, restaurants, grocery stores," Tiffany Schaefer, operations director for "Just One More Ministry" said.

The food was then distributed to faith-based and service organizations that feed the elderly, disabled, victims of domestic violence, and the homeless.

Before joining "Just One More Ministry," Eva Welch's group called "Street Angels for Milwaukee Outreach" for the homeless was, and still is, one of 52 partners.

"They currently provide almost all of the food that we take out and we feed 70 to 100 people a night, three times a week -- and a lot of times they'll give us prepared food where all we have to do is warm it up, pack it up, take it out," Welch said.

The group on Wednesday, November 23rd was focused on Thanksgiving Day and those who would receive the Thanksgiving meals -- some lonely, hungry and elderly.

Sixty-five drivers will distribute the meals on Thanksgiving Day -- Thursday, November 24th.

"And the drivers are going to come in, pick up those meals, take them out to these people and actually sit with them and enjoy that meal with them. We pray that you will encourage all who will be receiving these meals," Schaefer said.

The volunteers on Wednesday packed 150 meals.

A team of 50 will pack another 400-plus meals early Thursday morning.

This organization is growing and needs volunteers. CLICK HERE to learn more.