Just in time for Halloween: Which movie scares Wisconsinites the most?

Halloween is Monday, October 31st, and many of us may dress up and go to a party or head out Trick or Treating -- but we may also draw the curtains, turn off the lights, and put on a scary movie!

The folks at Decluttr.com looked into which movie each state is scared of the most.

Here in Wisconsin, we're most afraid of the movie, Identity.

The 2003 film stars John Cusack, Ray Liotta and Amanda Peet. Here's a synopsis: Stranded at a desolate Nevada motel during a nasty rain-storm, ten strangers become acquainted with each other when they realize that they're being killed off one by one.

According to Decluttr, there are six horror films Americans are scared of most:

IT: Arkansas, New Hampshire, South Dakota

The Conjuring: Florida, Mississippi, New Mexico

The Ring: Ohio, Massachusetts, Texas

The Grudge: New Jersey, New York, Oregon

The Exorcist: Alaska, Kentucky, Tennessee

Friday the 13th: Arizona, Nebraska, Washington

Below is a list of scariest movies by state, according to Decluttr:

Alaska: The Exorcist
Alabama: The Evil Dead
Arkansas: IT
Arizona: Friday the 13th
California: The Shining
Colorado: Hannibal
Connecticut: Identity
Delaware: Blade
Florida: The Conjuring
Georgia: A Nightmare on Elm Street
Hawaii: The Hills Have Eyes
Iowa: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Idaho: The Others
Illinois: Poltergeist
Indiana: A Nightmare on Elm Street
Kansas: Wrong Turn
Kentucky: The Exorcist
Louisiana: Dark Water
Massachusetts: The Ring
Maryland: Hostel
Maine: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Michigan: 28 Days Later
Minnesota: Secret Window
Missouri: Sinister
Mississippi: The Conjuring
Montana: 28 Days Later
North Carolina: Wrong Turn
North Dakota: The Evil Dead
Nebraska: Friday the 13th
New Hampshire: IT
New Jersey: The Grudge
New Mexico: The Conjuring
Nevada: Hannibal
New York: The Grudge
Ohio: The Ring
Oklahoma: Poltergeist
Oregon: The Grudge
Pennsylvania: Blade 2
Rhode Island: Wolf Creek
South Carolina: Unborn
South Dakota: IT
Tennessee: The Exorcist
Texas: The Ring
Utah: The Shining
Virginia: Silence of the Lambs
Vermont: Sinister
Washington: Friday the 13th
Wisconsin: Identity
West Virginia: The Others
Wyoming: Friday the 13th