Just announced: School of Pharmacy coming to Medical College of Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE -- The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) announced on Monday, June 1st it will open a school of pharmacy in Milwaukee to address an overall need for highly-qualified pharmacists who can provide expanded services as part of a healthcare team.

"The vision for our school of pharmacy is to prepare the next generation of pharmacists for the new demands on the profession," said Dr. John Raymond, President and CEO of MCW.

The school of pharmacy will offer specialty tracks aligned with health needs such as pediatrics, psychiatry, cancer, pharmacogenomics and medical toxicology.

"There is an increasing demand for pharmacists who can provide expanded service, high-end consultations as well as primary care in under-served settings," said Raymond.

"This is about fixing what's happening on the ground, but it's also about the future," said Bevan Baker, Health Commissioner for the City of Milwaukee.

Baker says the new school of pharmacy will play a vital role in the city and beyond.

"I think the presence of the Medical of College of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy and their students sends a message to our community. It sends a message to our city and our state that we are about changing the disparities that exist on the ground," said Baker.

The school is expected to open by summer of 2017 or 2018. A national search for the new school’s founding dean is underway. Additional faculty and staff will be hired during the development phase.

MCW’s Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment will provide an initial $3 million for initial design and development of the school of pharmacy. The total cost for startup is estimated to be around $30 million over five years. The proposed class size is 60 students.