Judge sentences Kelly Rindfleisch to six months in jail, probation

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee judge sentenced Kelly Rindfleisch on Monday, November 19th to six months in jail and three years of probation. Judge David Hansher stayed the jail time pending appeal.

Rindfleisch is one of Gov. Scott Walker's former top aides. She was accused of doing campaign work on the taxpayers' time. She pleaded guilty in October to one felony count of misconduct in office in a deal with prosecutors.  She had faced four charges.

During sentencing on Monday, the prosecutor shared a presentation outlining how Rindfleisch did campaign work on the taxpayers' dime in the county courthouse.

For her part, Rindfleisch apologized.

"I just want apologize to the people of Milwaukee County, but I also want to assure them and assure you that Milwaukee County was always my first priority while I was employed as deputy chief of state to the county executive," Rindfleisch said.

Rindfleisch's attorney asked the court for probation and community service. But the court indicated community service was not an option.

"The charge is too serious even though it's non-violent. I believe that a jail sentence is needed as I said based on the need for deterrents be specific and general ," Judge Hansher said.

Rindfleisch's family was not pleased with the outcome.

"Totally unacceptable considering what the other side, some of the antics that the other side engaged in during the whole Walker recall process," Ann Hollinse, Rindfleisch's sister said.

The prosecutor showed through Rindfleisch's emails how the Walker campaign for governor would review and make suggestions for statements that came out of the county executive's office even when it came to the O'Donnell parking structure collapse.

The Democratic Party spokesman was quick to jump on this fact.

"I think Scott Walker owes the people of Wisconsin and Milwaukee County an explanation for why all these resources were used for his benefit," Graeme Zielinski said.

The six-month jail time sentence for Rindfleisch includes work release and she'll be able to do it in Columbia County where she now lives. The jail time has been put on hold pending the outcome of an appeal to the sentence.

Rindfleisch's attorney says he plans to file the appeal next week.

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