Jordan Dechambre: Tips on finding the best leggings for your body

MILWAUKEE -- What's not to love about leggings? They're stretchy, soft and go with just about everything. The only problem can be finding the best ones for your body. That's why the Studio A team called upon its fashion expert, Jordan Dechambre to help with some great legging options from Boston Store.

About Jordan Dechambre (from website)

Jordan Dechambre is a Midwest-based style expert who has worked extensively as a brand ambassador, lifestyle writer, TV commentator, event host and fashion stylist.

On behalf of her client, Bon-Ton Stores, she is the fashion blogger at #LoveStyle. She also performs in-depth fashion market research for Bon-Ton Stores in several cities throughout the United States, which includes customer shopalongs and leading focus groups. Jordan is a host of the Bon-Ton Stores’ seasonal New & Now fashion shows, is a featured stylist at the department store group’s personal shopping events. She also attends and reports on New York Fashion Week for Bon-Ton Stores.