Jefferson Co. residents nervously monitor Rock River

JEFFERSON COUNTY (WITI) -- In areas West of Milwaukee, rivers and creeks are causing flooding problems and residents are on edge as more rain is forecasted. Many of these residents remember the rising Rock River that caused massive flooding in 2008.

American Legion Post 166 is full of veterans who protected our country. Heavy rains and the rising Fox River is giving them a new job to do: protecting the Legion Post.

"I came in here, and oh yeah, maybe we better start doing something. The guys got right on it," one veteran said.

Sandbags currently line the Post. More are in reserve if they are needed.

"We had a lot of good help. I hope it don't come in here," another veteran said.

In Jefferson, Jim Degner was busy Thursday, April 18th helping a friend move furniture from the basement into his trailer for safekeeping.

"I'm helping out Marv. He's got his basement flooded, started to get flooded. It's not as bad as '08 yet, but he's expecting the worst," Degner said.

Officials and residents in Jefferson County is preparing for rising water. The Jefferson County sheriff says he is concerned because the rising river comes so early in the season. Even if massive flooding is avoided this time around, the high water could cause problems quicker in the future. Right now, this is his message:

"Keep an eye on the weather, know your municipal governments and everybody is out there making things work for them and working together. That's what I think is one of the big things here. They know their property. They know how the water is going to affect their property. If they need any assistance, certainly contact their municipality in their jurisdiction if they need any sandbags or sand,"

In Fort Atkinson, the Red Cross has set up an emergency shelter at a church. There have been no takers so far, and everyone is hoping it stays that way.

There are actually three rivers that meet in certain areas in Jefferson County (the Rock River, the Crawfish River and the Bark River) and all are high.