Jeanine Tracy thanks supporters at "Victory Vigil" following Schoen decision

MILWAUKEE -- First he was fired, then reinstated. Now, MPD Officer Richard Schoen has been permanently discharged following a contentious meeting held by Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission on Tuesday morning, December 11th. On Tuesday night, the woman at the center of the debate, Jeanine Tracy, thanked supporters for helping overturn the FPC's decision.

Schoen was fired by Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, after he was seen on dashcam video punching Tracy, then dragging her out of a squad car by her hair in an MPD garage. Schoen told the Commission panel he was afraid Tracy would bite him or spit on him. Chief Flynn told the panel Schoen lost control.

After the Commission's unanimous decision to remove Schoen from the force on Tuesday morning, Tracy told FOX6 News she feels justice has been served. However, she said she couldn't say whether she feels safer with Schoen off the force.

Tracy's supporters celebrated a small victory on Tuesday night with a "Victory Vigil" near Milwaukee's City Hall. 

"This sends a big message. It's a positive message," organizer Tracey Dent said.

The battle that began with dashcam video showing Schoen punching Tracy in the back of a squad car, ended outside City Hall, as Tracy thanked those who fought for Schoen's discharge.

"It seems like it made people open their eyes, their minds and their hearts to the situation that's been taking place," Tracy said.

Tracy said Schoen's removal from the force doesn't necessarily make her feel safer.

"I feel a little safer, but I don't know if he have friends who work for him. I don't know if I'm safe or whatever. I think it's gonna take a little bit more for me to kinda feel better," Tracy said.

Tracy said she's just focused on moving forward.

The next step for Tracy's supporters like community activist Tracey Dent includes a proposal to change just who is on the FPC and how they are appointed. Dent says more details can be expected in the days to come.

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